RSA Data Collection and Reporting Systems


The RSA-MIS (Management Information System) is located at The RSA-MIS supports most grant programs at RSA, including the following data collection forms.

  • Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  • Grantee Reporting Form RSA Scholars (PAYBACK)
  • Quarterly Cumulative Caseload Report (RSA-113)
  • RSA-15 Randolph Sheppard (RSA-15)
  • Annual Vocational Rehabilitation Program/Cost Report (RSA-2)
  • Annual Client Assistance Program (CAP) Report (RSA-227)
  • Protection & Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) (RSA-509)
  • Independent Living Services for Older Individuals who are Blind (RSA-7-OB)
  • Resolution of Applicant/Client Appeals (RSA-722)
  • Summary by FY and State Agency (RSA-911)
  • American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Annual Report
  • Federal Financial Report (SF-425)
  • VR Portion of WIOA State Plan (WIOA-VR)

To learn more about RSA—or use tools and download data—visit our Web portal at or click on one of the links below.

Last Modified: 04/13/2017