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U.S. Department of Education's
1999 Performance Report and 2001 Annual Plan

Volume 1 Department-wide Objectives and Volume 2 Individual Programs

Volume 1: Department-wide Objectives
[ Introduction | End Outcomes | Goal 1 | Goal 2 | Goal 3 | Goal 4 | Improving Our Data and Information Systems | Changes in Indicators and Targets | Coordination With Other Agencies | Program Evaluation in the GPRA Environment | Appendices ]

Volume 2: Individual Programs
[ Education Reform | Education for Disadvantaged Children | Impact Aid | School Improvement Programs | Reading Excellence Program | Indian Education | School Renovation Program | Bilingual and Immigrant Education | Special Education | Rehabilitation Services and Special Institutions | Student Financial Assistance | Vocational and Adult Education | Higher Education | Education Research, Statistics, and Improvement | Office for Civil Rights | Office of the Inspector General ]

Contents - Volume 1: Department-wide Objectives

Introduction (Word, PDF)

How To Read the GPRA Reports

Key Features of This Year?s GPRA Report

End Outcomes(Word, PDF)

 Goal 1. Help all children reach challenging academic standards, so that they are prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment.

Introduction (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.1: States develop challenging standards and assessments for all students in the core academic subjects. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.2: Schools help all students make successful transitions to college and careers. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.3: Schools are strong, safe, disciplined, and drug-free. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.4: A talented and dedicated teacher is in every classroom in America. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.5: Families and communities are fully involved with schools and school improvement efforts. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.6: Greater public school choice will be available to students and families. (Word, PDF)

Objective 1.7: Schools use advanced technology for all students and teachers to improve education. (Word, PDF)

Goal 2. Build a solid foundation for learning for all children.
Introduction: (Word, PDF)

Objective 2.1: All children enter school ready to learn. ( Word, PDF)

Objective 2.2: Every child reads well and independently by the end of the third grade. (Word, PDF)

Objective 2.3: Every eighth-grader masters challenging mathematics, including the foundations of algebra and geometry. (Word, PDF)

Objective 2.4: Special populations participate in appropriate services and assessments consistent with high standards. (Word, PDF)

Goal 3. Ensure access to postsecondary education and lifelong learning.
Introduction: (Word, PDF)

Objective 3.1: Secondary school students get the information, skills, and support they need to prepare successfully for postsecondary education. (Word, PDF)

Objective 3.2: Postsecondary students receive the financial aid and support services they need to enroll in and complete a high-quality educational program. (Word, PDF)

Objective 3.3: Postsecondary student aid delivery and program management is efficient, financially sound, and customer-responsive. (Word, PDF)

Objective 3.4: All educationally disadvantaged adults can strengthen their literacy skills and improve their earning power over their lifetime through lifelong learning. (Word, PDF)

Goal 4. Make ED a high-performance organization by focusing on results, service quality, and customer satisfaction.
Introduction: (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.1: Our customers receive fast, seamless service and dissemiNation of high-quality information and products. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.2: Our partners have the support and flexibility they need without diminishing accountability for results. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.3: An up-to-date knowledge base is available from education research to support education reform and equity. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.4: Our information technology investments are sound and used to improve impact and efficiency. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.5: The Department?s employees are highly skilled and high-performing. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.6: Management of our programs and services ensures financial integrity. (Word, PDF)

Objective 4.7: All levels of the agency are fully performance-driven. (Word, PDF)

Improving Our Data and Information Systems (Word, PDF)
Changes in Indicators and Targets (Word, PDF)
Coordination With Other Agencies (Word, PDF)
Program Evaluation in the GPRA Environment (Word, PDF)
Appendices Data Quality (DQ) Standards (Word, PDF)Changes From Fiscal Year 2000 Plan to Fiscal Year 2001 Plan (Word, PDF)Numbering System Changes From Fiscal Year 2000 to Fiscal Year 2001 (Word, PDF)Funding and Staffing by Objective (Word, PDF)Relationship Between Program Goals and Objectives (Word, PDF) Return to the Top of Volume 1

Contents - Volume 2: Individual Programs

Education Reform

21st Century Community Learning Centers (Word, PDF)

Small, Safe, and Successful High Schools (Word, PDF)

Technology Literacy Challenge Programs: Technology Literacy Challenge Fund,
Technology Innovation Challenge Grants, and National Activities
(Word, PDF)

Next Generation Technology Innovation

Star Schools Program (Word, PDF) Regional Technology in education Consortia (R*TECs) (Word, PDF)

Ready-to-Learn Television(Word, PDF)

Telecommunications Program for Professional Development

Telecommunications Demonstration Project for Mathematics (Word, PDF) Preparing Tomorrow?s Teachers to Use Technology (Word, PDF)

Recognition and Reward (Word, PDF)

Goals 2000 State and Local Education Systemic Improvement (Word, PDF)

School-to-Work Opportunities (Word, PDF)

Education for Disadvantaged Children Title I Grants for Schools Serving At-Risk Children (Word, PDF)

Even Start Family Literacy Program (Word, PDF)

Migrant Education (Word, PDF)

Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected or Delinquent (N or D) (Word, PDF)

Demonstrations of Comprehensive School Reform (Word, PDF)

High School Equivalency Program and College Assistance Migrant Program (Word, PDF)

Impact Aid Impact Aid (Word, PDF) School Improvement Programs Innovative Education Program Strategies (Word, PDF)

Class-Size Reduction Program (Word, PDF)

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program-State Grants Program and National Programs (Word, PDF)

Inexpensive Book Distribution (Word, PDF)

Arts Education (Word, PDF)

Magnet Schools Assistance Program (Word, PDF)

Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Program (Word, PDF)

Women?s Educational Equity Assistance (WEEA) (Word, PDF)

Training and Advisory Services (Title IV of the Civil Rights Act: Equity Assistance Centers Program) (Word, PDF)

Allen J. Ellender Fellowship Program (Word, PDF)

Native Hawaiian Education Program (Word, PDF)

Alaska Native Education Program (Word, PDF)

Public Charter Schools Program (Word, PDF)

Opportunities to Improve Our Nation?s Schools Program (Options) (Word, PDF)

Advanced Placement Test Incentive (Word, PDF)

Strengthening Technical Assistance Capacity

Comprehensive Centers Program (Word, PDF)

Strengthening Technical Assistance Capacity Grants (Word, PDF)

Teaching to High Standards State Grants Eisenhower Professional Development Program (Word, PDF)

Teaching to High Standards State Grants (Word, PDF)

School Leadership Initiative (Word, PDF)

National Activities for the Improvement of Teaching and School Leadership

Eisenhower Federal Activities (Word, PDF) Eisenhower Regional Mathematics and Science Education Consortia (Word, PDF)

Teacher Quality Initiatives (Word, PDF)

Transition to Teaching: Troops to Teachers (Word, PDF)

Early Childhood Educator Professional Development (Word, PDF)

Reading Excellence Program Reading Excellence Program (Word, PDF) Indian Education

             Indian Education (Word, PDF)

School Renovation Program

School Renovation Program (Word, PDF) Bilingual and Immigrant Education Bilingual Education Instructional Services Program (Word, PDF)

Foreign Language Assistance Program (Word, PDF)

Emergency Immigrant Education Program (Word, PDF)

Special Education Grants to States and Preschool Grants Programs-IDEA Part B (Word, PDF)

Infants and Toddlers With Disabilities-IDEA Part C (Word, PDF)

National Activities-IDEA Part D (Word, PDF)

Rehabilitation Services and Special Institutions State Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Including Supported Employment) (Word, PDF)

American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Word, PDF)

Client Assistance Program (CAP) (Word, PDF)

Training Program (Word, PDF)

Demonstration and Training Programs (Word, PDF)

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Program (Word, PDF)

Recreational Program (Word, PDF)

Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights (PAIR) (Word, PDF)

Projects With Industry (PWI) (Word, PDF)

Independent Living Programs (Word, PDF)

Program Improvement (Word, PDF)

Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults (Word, PDF)

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) (Word, PDF)

Assistive Technology Program (Word, PDF)

American Printing House for the Blind (Word, PDF)

National Technical Institute for the Deaf (Word, PDF)

Gallaudet University (Word, PDF)

Student Financial Assistance Student Financial Assistance Policy (Word, PDF)

Student Financial Assistance Programs (Word, PDF)
Vocational and Adult Education Perkins Vocational and Technology Education (State Grants and Tech-Prep Indicators) (Word, PDF)

National Programs (Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act) (Word, PDF)

Tribally Controlled Postsecondary Vocational Institutions (Word, PDF)

Adult education: State Grants and Knowledge Development (Word, PDF)

State Grants for Incarcerated Youth Offenders (Word, PDF)

National Institute for Literacy (Word, PDF)

Higher Education Aid for Institutional Development, Titles III and V (Word, PDF)

Dual Degree Programs for Minority-Serving Institutions (Word, PDF)

International Education and Foreign Language Studies Program (Word, PDF)

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (Word, PDF)

Demonstration Projects to Ensure Students with Disabilities Receive a Quality Higher Education (Word, PDF)

Annual Interest Subsidy Grants (Word, PDF)

TRIO Programs (Word, PDF)

Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (Gear Up) (Word, PDF)

Byrd Honors Scholarships Program (Word, PDF)

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) and Javits Fellowships (Word, PDF)

Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (Word, PDF)

Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnerships (Word, PDF)

Teacher Quality Enhancement Grants (Word, PDF)

Underground Railroad Program (Word, PDF)

GPRA Data/Evaluation Program (Word, PDF)

Howard University (Word, PDF)

Education Research, Statistics, and Improvement National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Statistics and Assessment (Word, PDF)

Research, Development and Dissemination

National Education Research Institutes (Word, PDF)

Regional Educational Laboratories (Word, PDF)

Dissemination (Word, PDF)

Fund for the Improvement of Education (Word, PDF)

Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education (Word, PDF)

National Writing Project (NWP) (Word, PDF)

Civic Education (Word, PDF)

International Education Exchange Program (Word, PDF)

Office for Civil Rights Office for Civil Rights (Word, PDF) Office of the Inspector General Office of the Inspector General (OIG) (Word, PDF)
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