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Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants

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Grantees may find the following documents useful in providing guidance on fiscal matters related to the Basic VR program.

General Information
  • Due dates on SF-425s
    Previously, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual interim Federal financial reports (SF-425) were due within 45 days after the end of the reporting period. This was the result of an error that occurred when the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published in its December 7, 2007 Federal Register Notice (72 FR 69236) that interim reports were due within 45 days of the interim reporting end dates instead of within 30 days as originally identified. Because of this error, grantees were permitted to exercise the 45 day period as published by OMB within the Federal Register. With the publication of the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Costs Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance) on December 26, 2013, OMB corrected this error. In accordance with (2 CFR 200.328(b)(1)), interim Federal financial reports (SF-425) are due within 30 days after the end of the reporting period. The final report is still due within 90 days after the end of the period of performance.
  • Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards: Technical Assistance for ED Grantees
    September 24, 2015
    The Uniform Guidance (2 C.F.R. § 200) streamlines and consolidates government requirements for receiving and using federal awards so as to reduce administrative burden and improve outcomes. It was published in the Federal Register (79 Fed. Reg. 75871) on December 19, 2014, and became effective for new and continuation awards issued on or after December 26, 2014. Please note the new regulations do not affect grant funds awarded prior to December 26, 2014, unless funds made available under those grants are carried forward into a new federal fiscal year or a continuation grant.
  • Accessing and Initiating Changes to Formula Grant Award Notifications
    February 19, 2014
    This document describes the process to be used to request changes to the GAN (Grant Award Notification) such as address; however this process may be used only when the rights and obligations of the grantee are not affected. Also, please note that this process does not apply to the State Grant for Assistive Technology program.
    “Accessing and Initiating Changes to Formula Grant Award Notifications” (PDF, 232KB)
  • ED Memoranda & Guidance for Grantees
    "OMB Uniform Guidance: Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards"

    On December 26, 2013, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published new guidance for Federal award programs, OMB Uniform Guidance: Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Guidance). The Guidance supersedes and streamlines requirements from OMB Circulars A-21, A-87, A-110, A-122, A-89, A-102 and A-133 and the guidance in Circular A-50 on Single Audit Act follow-up. It is a key component of a larger federal effort to more effectively focus federal grant resources on improving performance and outcomes while ensuring the financial integrity of taxpayer dollars.
    See the links at ED Memoranda & Guidance for Grantees.
  • Email Updates
    RSA uses the Department of Education's email subscription service to provide updated information about fiscal resources.

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Frequently Asked Fiscal Questions

Federal Financial Reports (SF-425)


SMPID Formula Grant Programs – Minimum Award Calculations
CFDA#TitleProgramState Min.Territory- FAS Min.Legal Citation
H126AIBasic VR - State Grants$3,000,000 or 1/3 of 1% of appropriated amount, whichever is greaterNoneRehabilitation Act – Subsection 110(a)(3)
H161AIClient Assistance Program$50,000
After appropriations exceed $7.5 million, States receive $100,000
After appropriations exceed $7.5 million, outlying areas receive $45,000
Rehabilitation Act Section 112(e)
H177BVIIIndependent Living for Older Individuals Who Are Blind – State Grants$225,000 or 1/3 of 1% of amount appropriated, whichever is greater$40,000Rehabilitation Act Section 752(j)
H187AVI-BSupported Employment – State Grants$300,000 or 1/3 of 1% of appropriated amount, whichever is greater1/8 of 1% (0.00125) of appropriated amountRehabilitation Act – Subsection 622(a)
H240AVProtection and Advocacy for Individual Rights$100,000 or 1/3 of 1% of appropriated amount, whichever is greater$50,000Rehabilitation Act-- section 509((c)(3)

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State Vocational Rehabilitation Services Reallotment Data FFY 2017
State NameAgency TypeGrantee NamePR Award IdRelinquishedRequestedApproved
AlaskaCombinedAlaska Dept of Labor and Workforce Development - Division of Vocational RehabH126A170001$0$1,200,000$307,269
ArizonaCombinedArizona Rehabilitation Services AdministrationH126A170002$0$20,000,000$3,601,052
ArkansasGeneralArkansas Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170003$0$5,086,119$2,141,165
ArkansasBlindArkansas Division of Services for the BlindH126A170004$0$2,092,571$880,934
CaliforniaCombinedCalifornia Department of RehabilitationH126A170005$0$10,000,000$10,000,000
ConnecticutGeneralBureau of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170007$0$10,000,000$953,732
ConnecticutBlindServices for the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation ProgramH126A170008$0$2,500,000$238,433
DelawareGeneralDelaware Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170009$0$3,500,000$510,594
DelawareBlindDelaware Division for the Visually Impaired - DHHS CampusH126A170010$0$300,000$43,765
District of ColumbiaCombinedRehabilitation Services Administration, DC Dept. on Disability ServicesH126A170011$0$2,000,000$740,604
HawaiiCombinedHawaii Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170015$0$1,445,180$640,097
IdahoGeneralIdaho Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170016$0$0
IdahoBlindIdaho Commission for the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170017
IllinoisCombinedIllinois Division of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170018$0$0
IndianaCombinedIndiana Bureau of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170019$5,000,000$0
IowaGeneralIowa Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170020$0$0
IowaBlindIowa Department for the BlindH126A170021$627,360$0
KansasCombinedKansas Department for Children and FamiliesH126A170022
KentuckyGeneralOffice of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170023$3,000,000$0
KentuckyBlindKentucky Office for the BlindH126A170024$0$0
LouisianaCombinedLouisiana Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170025$20,851,293$0
MaineGeneralMaine Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170026$0$319,839$319,839
MarylandCombinedMaryland Division of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170027$0$2,000,000$2,000,000
MassachusettsGeneralMassachusetts Rehabilitation CommissionH126A170028$0$7,500,000$1,883,163
MassachusettsBlindMassachusetts Commission for the BlindH126A170029$0$2,500,000$627,721
MichiganBlindBureau of Services for Blind PersonsH126A170031$0$800,000$800,000
MinnesotaGeneralMinnesota Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170032$0$1,615,000$1,615,000
MinnesotaBlindMinnesota State Services for the BlindH126A170033$0$350,000$350,000
MississippiCombinedMississippi Department of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170034
MissouriGeneralMissouri Vocational RehabilitationH126A170036$0$0
MissouriBlindMissouri Rehabilitation Services for the BlindH126A170037
MontanaCombinedMontana Disability Employment and Transitions DivisionH126A170038$0$4,192,768$600,054
NebraskaGeneralNebraska Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170039$0$8,597,761$907,866
NebraskaBlindNebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170040$0$810,000$85,530
NevadaCombinedNevada Rehabilitation DivisionH126A170041$9,500,000$0
New HampshireCombinedNew Hampshire Division of Career Technology and Adult LearningH126A170042
New JerseyGeneralNew Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170043
New JerseyBlindNew Jersey Commission for the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170044$0$2,000,000$2,000,000
New MexicoGeneralNew Mexico Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170045$0$104,979$104,979
New MexicoBlindNew Mexico Commission for the BlindH126A170046$0$0
New YorkGeneralNew York Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education ServicesH126A170047
New YorkBlindNew York Commission for the Blind and Visually HandicappedH126A170048$0$10,000,000$9,385,596
North CarolinaGeneralNorth Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170049
North CarolinaBlindNorth Carolina Division of Services for the BlindH126A170050
North DakotaCombinedNorth Dakota Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170051
OhioCombinedOpportunities for Ohioans with DisabilitiesH126A170052$24,145,973$0
OklahomaCombinedOklahoma Department of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170053$0$1,402,766$1,402,766
OregonGeneralOregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170054$0$8,000,000$3,428,816
OregonBlindOregon Commission for the BlindH126A170055$0$0
PennsylvaniaCombinedPennsylvania Office of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170056$0$32,025,385$6,505,821
Rhode IslandCombinedRhode Island Office of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170058$0$5,000,000$532,198
South CarolinaGeneralSouth Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation DepartmentH126A170060$0$7,500,000$4,514,941
South CarolinaBlindSouth Carolina Commission for the BlindH126A170061$0$0
South DakotaGeneralSouth Dakota Division of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170062$0$500,000$500,000
TennesseeCombinedTennessee Division of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170063$15,000,000$0
VermontGeneralVermont Vocational Rehabilitation DivisionH126A170067$0$5,405,532$612,245
VermontBlindVermont Division for the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170068$0$400,000$45,305
VirginiaGeneralVirginia Department of Rehabilitative ServicesH126A170069$0$9,559,491$4,393,030
VirginiaBlindVirginia Department for the Blind and Vision ImpairedH126A170070$0$943,146$433,419
WashingtonGeneralWashington State Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170071$0$2,000,000$2,000,000
WashingtonBlindWashington Department of Services for the BlindH126A170072
West VirginiaCombinedWest Virginia Division of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170073$0$15,000,000$1,332,913
WisconsinCombinedWisconsin Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170074$0$5,613,734$3,105,533
WyomingCombinedWyoming Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170075$0$0
American SamoaCombinedAmerican Samoa Office of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170076$2,247$0
GuamCombinedGuam Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170077$143,018$0
Northern MarianasCombinedNorthern Marianas Office of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170078$0$74,977$42,889
Puerto RicoCombinedPuerto Rico Vocational Rehabilitation AdministrationH126A170080$9,078,145$0
Virgin IslandsCombinedVirgin Islands Division for Disabilities and Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170081
AlabamaCombinedAlabama Department of Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170082$0$3,370,207$3,224,220
South DakotaBlindSouth Dakota Division of Services to the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170084$0$0
MaineBlindMaine Division for the Blind and Visually ImpairedH126A170085$0$541,480$541,480
FloridaGeneralFlorida Division of Vocational RehabilitationH126A170086$0$0
FloridaBlindFlorida Division of Blind ServicesH126A170087$0$0
GeorgiaCombinedGeorgia Vocational Rehabilitation AgencyH126A170089$9,835,671$0
MichiganGeneralMichigan Rehabilitation ServicesH126A170090$0$0
ColoradoCombinedColorado Department of Labor and EmploymentH126A170091
TexasGeneralTexas Division of Rehabilitative ServicesH126A170092$0$33,000,000$33,000,000
TexasBlindTexas Division for Blind ServicesH126A170093
UtahCombinedUtah State Office of RehabilitationH126A170094

This process ensures that:

  1. No State receives more in reallotment than their requested amount.
  2. States with current year MOE penalties have the MOE penalty amount deducted from the available pool of reallotment funds before determining the amount of additional VR funds awarded to the State so that a State cannot share in in the receipt of its own penalized funds.

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Last Modified: 07/05/2018