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Agency Report Cards of Vocational Rehabilitation Performance
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The Agency report card spreadsheets listed below by year contain 95 different data elements for year. The "Underlying Tables" spreadsheet lists the results of all 80 agencies for each data element. The group has an index from which each table is linked as well as an explanation of the data element. The "Agency Report Cards" lists each agency's results on all 95 data elements.

The following links contain ZIP files with an MS Excel spreadsheet. Click on the link to download.

Note: RSA ceased producing the Agency Report Cards in FY 2011.

Agency Report Cards Underlying Data
FY 2011 report cards (ZIP, 159 KB) FY 2011 underlying tables (ZIP, 1.27 M)
FY 2010 report cards (ZIP, 212 KB) FY 2010 underlying tables (ZIP, 1.45 M)
FY 2009 report cards (ZIP, 203 KB) FY 2009 underlying tables (ZIP, 1.29 M)
FY 2008 report cards (ZIP, 216 KB) FY 2008 underlying tables (ZIP, 1.36 M)
FY 2007 report cards (ZIP, 196 KB) FY 2007 underlying tables (ZIP, 1.26 M)
FY 2006 report cards (ZIP, 197 KB) FY 2006 underlying tables (ZIP, 738 KB)

(May 24, 2013)

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