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Directives by Program Office

Office of Management (OM)

  • OM:1-101—The Administrative Communications System (08/8/2005) PDF (142K)
  • OM:1-102—Delegations of Authority (08/26/2016) PDF (134K)
  • OM:1-103—Organization Control System (03/13/2012) PDF (86K)
  • OM:1-104—Limited English Proficiency Plan (07/23/2008) PDF (180K)
  • OM:2-102—Transit Benefits Program (11/16/2012) PDF (272K)
  • OM:2-103—Smoking Policy (05/11/2012) PDF (92K)
  • OM:2-104—Occupant Emergency Organizations and Plans (02/7/2008) PDF (59K)
  • OM:2-105—Safety and Health Committee (04/28/2009) PDF (53K)
  • OM:2-106—Health and Wellness Program (12/16/2014) PDF (46K)
  • OM:2-107—Workers Compensation Program (12/04/2014) PDF (172K)
  • OM:3-102—Guidance for Suspension of Operations During an Emergency Furlough (01/30/2007) PDF (61K)
  • OM:3-103—Identification Media—Credentialing (12/17/2013) PDF (161K)
  • OM:3-104—Clearance of Personnel for Separation or Transfer (6/26/2008) PDF (223K)
  • OM:3-105—Health Benefits Coverage for Employees in Non-Pay Status (11/21/2006) PDF (1MB]
  • OM:4-101—Parking Management (03/02/2011) PDF (127K)
  • OM:4-103—Space Management (03/03/2015) PDF (60K)
  • OM:4-104—Moves Within Headquarters Facilities (10/16/2012) PDF (243K)
  • OM:4-107—Copy Services (01/10/2014) PDF (95K)
  • OM:4-111—Use of Official Headquarters Motorpool Vehicles (09/08/2016) PDF (47K)
  • OM:4-114—Physical Security Program (04/30/2012) PDF (275K)
  • OM:4-115—Mail Management Program (10/16/2012) PDF (201K)
  • OM:5-101—Contractor Employee Personnel Security Screenings (07/16/2010) PDF(131K)
  • OM: 6-101 - Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) Requests (01/18/2017) PDF(184K)
  • OM:6-102—Information Collection Activities and Burden Control (04/28/2015) PDF (187K)
  • OM:6-104—Privacy Act of 1974) (Basic Requirements and the Collection of Personal Information) (8/31/2006) PDF (180K)
  • OM:6-105—Computer Matching Agreement (1/22/2007) PDF (120K)
  • OM:6-107—External Breach Notification Policy and Plan (03/25/2016) PDF (4MB]

Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development (OPEPD)

  • OPEPD:1-102—Upward Adjustments to Obligations in Expired Expenditure/Appropriation Accounts (01/10/2014) PDF (100K)

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

  • OIG:1-101—Coordination with ED-OIG When Planning for Audits to be Performed by Auditors Other Than ED-OIG (3/26/2013) PDF (87K)
  • OIG:1-102—Cooperation with and Reporting to the Office of the Inspector General (09/16/2008) PDF (87K)
  • OIG:1-103—Procedures for Handling Office of Inspector General Hotline Referrals (3/26/2013) PDF (94K)
  • OIG:1-104—Inspector General Awards for Cost Savings Disclosure (3/26/2013) PDF (111K)

Office of the Secretary (OS)

  • OS:1-101—Use of Appropriations for Official Reception and Representation Expenses (07/11/2013) PDF (63K)
  • OS:1-107—Grantbacks (08/26/2016) icon PDF (147K)

Office of the Deputy Secretary (ODS)

  • ODS:1-102—Guide for Managing Formula Grant Program (08/26/2016) PDF (398K)

Handbooks by Program Office

Office of Management

  • Handbook-OM-04—Handbook for Processing Salary Overpayments (01/19/2012) PDF (384K)
  • Handbook OM-03—Handbook for Reasonable Accommodations (9/30/2004) PDF (539K)

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  • Handbook OCFO-01—Handbook for Post Audit Process (6/22/2007) PDF (782K)

Office of the Deputy Secretary

  • Handbook ODS-01—Handbook for the Discretionary Grant Process (8/18/2015) PDF (1.41M)

Personnel Manual Instructions (PMI)

  • PMI 250-1—Human Capital Management Accountability Systems Policy (10/02/05) PDF (147K)
  • PMI 300-2—Details of ED Employees (05/05/81) PDF (34K)
  • PMI 300-3—Waivers of Time-In-Grade Restrictions (01/01/89) PDF (21K)
  • PMI 300-4—Details to Unclassified Duties (05/11/81) PDF (24K)
  • PMI 300-6—Employment of Noncitizens (06/25/91) PDF (26K)
  • PMI 302-1—Excepted Positions in ED (05/28/81) PDF (20K)
  • PMI 302-2—Career Intern Program (03/14/02) PDF (75K)
  • PMI 304-1—Employment of Experts and Consultants (12/01/00) PDF (46K)
  • PMI 306-1—Department of Education Selective Placement Program (08/15/86) PDF (45K)
  • PMI 308-1—Student Educational Employment and Volunteer Program (02/22/96) PDF (46K)
  • PMI 310-1—Employment of Relatives (02/23/90) PDF (20K)
  • PMI 312-2—Part-time Employment Program (05/11/81) PDF (22K)
  • PMI 315-1—Probationary Period (09/27/02) PDF (49K)
  • PMI 315-2—Probation on Initial Selection for a Supervisory or Managerial Position (05/21/81) PDF (32K)
  • PMI 316-1—Term Employment (04/30/81) PDF (22K)
  • PMI 330-1—Reemployment Priority Program (04/24/98) PDF (34K)
  • PMI 330-2—Career Assistance Transition Plan (11/21/97) PDF (41K)
  • PMI 335-1—Merit Promotion Plan (01/11/93) PDF (58K)
  • PMI 338-1—Appointment Above Minimum Pay Rates Based on Superior and/or Unique Qualifications (09/09/96) PDF (14K)
  • PMI 581-1—Processing of Commercial and Non-Commercial Garnishment and Bankruptcy Orders (07/12/94) PDF (56K)
  • PMI 610-1—Dismissals and Agency Closings During Emergency Situations (05/25/81) PDF (56K)
  • PMI 610-2—Pandemic Flu Policy (03/14/07) PDF (53K)
  • PMI 610-3—Alternative Work Schedules for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees (05/15/02) PDF (69K)
  • PMI 630-1—Absence and Leave Administration—General Provisions (05/06/81) PDF (43K)
  • PMI 630-2—Annual Leave (05/13/91) PDF (44K)
  • PMI 630-3—Sick Leave (03/06/02) PDF (34K)
  • PMI 630-4—Funeral Leave (05/04/81) PDF (20K)
  • PMI 630-5—Military Leave (08/07/02) PDF (27K)
  • PMI 630-6—Court Leave (05/13/81) PDF (26K)
  • PMI 630-7—Excused Absence (01/11/93) PDF (51K)
  • PMI 630-10—Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Administrative Procedures (10/02/89) PDF (529K)
  • PMI 630-11—Creditable Service For Annual Leave Accrual Purposes (04/19/07) PDF (53K)
  • PMI 735-1—Courtesy Policy (05/27/81) PDF (24K)
  • PMI 751-1—Discipline and Adverse Actions (09/05/03) PDF (64K)
  • PMI 771-1—Employee Grievances (10/03/83) PDF (65K)
  • PMI 792-1—The U.S. Department of Education Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Program (04/25/83) PDF (37K)
  • PMI 792-2—U.S. Department of Education Drug-Free Workplace Pan (01/12/89) PDF (113K)
  • PMI 792-3—Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Policy Statement (11/16/94) PDF (73K)
  • PMI-920-1—Senior Executive Service Merit Staffing Program (01/04/05) PDF (41K)
  • PMI 920-2—Executive Resources Board Charter (07/29/91) PDF (24K)
  • PMI 920-4—Senior Executive Service Reduction-in-Force (01/23/84) PDF (36K)
  • PMI 920-5—SES Sabbatical Program (02/28/84) PDF (30K)

Personnel Management Bulletins (PMB)

  • PMB 300-2—Detail of Non-Bargaining Unit Employees (07/08/88) PDF (60K)
  • PMB 572-2—Travel and Transportation Expenses; New Appointees and Pre-employment Interviews (03/18/91) PDF (25K)
  • PMB 575-2—Recruitment Bonuses (06/04/91) PDF (60K)
  • PMB 575-3—Relocation Bonuses (06/04/91) PDF (67K)
  • PMB 575-4—Retention Allowances (06/04/91) PDF (56K)
  • PMB 792-1—Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the Workplace Policy Statement (04/25/83) PDF (58K)

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