State Flex

Jim Horne
Florida Department of Education
Office of the Commissioner
Turlington Building, Suite 1514
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Dear Mr. Horne:

I am pleased to inform you that the US Department of Education has approved the State-Flexibility Plan that the Florida Department of Education submitted under the No Child Left Behind Act's State-Flexibility Authority Program (State-Flex). Florida is the first State in the country to receive State-Flex authority under this program. Enclosed is a document officially granting State-Flex Authority to your agency.

As a State-Flex recipient, Florida has gained unprecedented flexibility in the use of Federal funds, in exchange for increased accountability for improving student achievement and narrowing achievement gaps.

Under its State-Flex plan, the Florida Department of Education will consolidate funds it receives from Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment (ESEA Section 2113(a)(3)), 21st Century Community Learning Centers (ESEA Section 4202(c)(2) and (3)), and Innovative Programs (ESEA Section 5112(b)). The State educational agency will use the consolidated funds as described in the approved State-Flex plan, and it will be held accountable for the specific goals and annual measurable objectives set forth in its application. As part of its State-Flex plan, the Florida Department of Education will also enter into local performance agreements with eight districts: Broward County School District, Escambia County School District, Hillsborough County School District, Jefferson County School District, Lake County School District, Marion County School District, Putnam County School District, and Volusia County School District.

Congratulations on being the first State educational agency to receive State-Flex authority. We look forward to a successful partnership with your agency.

Ronald J. Tomalis
Acting Assistant Secretary
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education


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Last Modified: 03/10/2004