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School, Lender, and Program Data

Official Cohort Default Rates & Related Information

Each year, the Department calculates official cohort default rates for postsecondary institutions and lenders and guarantors participating in the FSA programs. For more information about how these default rates are calculated, see our Default Rate Materials on IFAP, including cohort default guides (PDF format). Note that the default rates shown on these Web sites were the ones current at the time of the annual announcement of the rates. In some cases, rates may change due to an appeal--see the PEPS Data system (below) for the most recent rates.
SOURCE: FSA/Schools Channel/Default Management

PEPS Data for FSA-Eligible Schools

table of schools Postsecondary Educational Participation System(PEPS) data extracts. The extracts contain public information about postsecondary schools participating in the FSA programs (and schools that have closed or otherwise ceased participation). These downloadable files are updated each week in fixed-length text format and Microsoft Access database format, and include main/additional locations, contact infromation, accreditation, program length, academic calendar, type and control, default rates, etc. (Size: 7+ megabytes zipped, 127 megabytes unzipped)
SOURCE: FSA/Schools Channel

Student Loan Volume Tables from the President's 2004 Budget

Data for 1993 to Present. Excel-formatted and PDF tables showing gross and net volumes for the Direct Loan and the Federal Family Education Loan programs (including Stafford, PLUS and Consolidation Loans), counted by fiscal year (October 1-September 30) and by academic year (July 1-June 30).
SOURCE: ED Budget Office

School Code List

This is a searchable database of school locations and addresses used in the application processing system. Note that this listing is not identical to the PEPS listing, and the 6-digit School Code Number is not identical to the 8-digit OPEID.
SOURCE: FSA/Students Channel

Other Data Sources

College Opportunities On-Line (COOL) site

IPEDS banner

At the COOL site, you can search the Integrated Postsecondary Education Database, including cost, program, enrollment, and accreditation information for over 9,000 colleges, career schools, and universities. Most (but not all) of the schools listed participate in the FSA programs. This site also links its search results to the Campus Crime Statistics site (see below).
SOURCE: National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education

Campus Crime Statistics

OPE A searchable database of campus crime statistics as annually reported to the Department by schools participating in the FSA Programs, as required by the Campus Security Act.
SOURCE: Office of Postsecondary Education, US Department of Education

OPE Program Data

computer Includes FFEL Loan Program data, Loan volume updates, Program Data Books for the Pell Grant and Campus-Based Programs, etc. (Note that this page links to the database of default rates for postsecondary institutions maintained by FSA Default Management, as listed at the top of this page.)
SOURCE: Office of Postsecondary Education, US Department of Education