Preliminary Overview of Programs and Changes Included in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
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ESEA Programs - Authorizations of Appropriations
 Authorization Amount
(for 2002 & subsequent years)
Local School Improvement Grants (I-1003(g))$500 million & such sums
TITLE I-A Basic Programs Operated by LEAs (I-A)$13.5 billion in FY2002
$16 billion in FY2003
$18.5 billion in FY2004
$20.5 billion in FY2005
$22.75 billion in FY2006
$25 billion in FY2007
Reading First (I-B-1)$900 million & such sums
Early Reading First (I-B-2)$75 million & such sums
Even Start (I-B-3)$260 million & such sums
Improving Literacy Through School Libraries (I-B-4)$250 million & such sums
Education of Migratory Children (I-C)$410 million & such sums
Neglected and Delinquent Children (I-D)$50 million & such sums
Evaluation (I-E)such sums
Close Up Fellowship Program (I-E)such sums
Comprehensive School Reform (I-F)such sums
Advanced Placement (I-G)such sums
School Dropout Prevention (I-H)$125 million & such sums
TITLE II-A Grants to States$3.175 billion & such sums
Mathematics and Science Partnerships (II-B)$450 million & such sums
Troops to Teachers/Transition to Teaching (II-C-1)$150 million & such sums
National Writing Project (II-C-2)$15 million & such sums
Civic Education (II-C-3)$30 million & such sums
Teaching of Traditional American History (II-C-4)such sums
State and Local Technology Grants (II-D-1 & 2)$1 billion and such sums
Ready to Learn Television (II-D-3)such sums
Grants for English Language Acquisition and Enhancement (III)$750 million & such sums
Emergency Immigrant (III, Sec. 3001(a)(2))Such sums
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities State Grants (IV-A-1)$650 million & such sums
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities National Programs (IV-A-2)such sums
21st Century Community Learning Centers (IV-B)$1.25 billion & adds $250 million each year through 2007
TITLE V Innovative State Grants (V-A)$450 million & adds $25 million each year through 2007
Charter Schools (V-B-1)$300 million & such sums
Charter School Facilities - Credit Enhancement Initiatives (V-B-2)$150 million & such sums
Voluntary Public School Choice (V-B-3)$100 million & such sums
Magnet Schools Assistance (V-C)$125 millions & such sums
Fund for the Improvement of Education (V-D-1)$550 million & adds $25 million each year through 2007
Elementary and Secondary School Counseling (V-D-2)no separate authorization
Character Education (V-D-3)no separate authorization
Smaller Learning Communities (V-D-4)no separate authorization
Inexpensive Book Distribution (RIF) (V-D-5)no separate authorization
Gifted and Talented Students (V-D-6)no separate authorization
Star Schools (V-D-7)no separate authorization
Ready to Teach (V-D-8)no separate authorization
Foreign Language Assistance (V-D-9)no separate authorization
Physical Education (V-D-10)no separate authorization
Community Technology Centers (V-D-11)no separate authorization
Exchange Programs for Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Trading Partners (V-D-12)no separate authorization
Excellence in Economic Education (V-D-13)no separate authorization
Mental Health Grants (includes separate School Readiness Grant program) (V-D-14)no separate authorization
Arts in Education (V-D-15)no separate authorization
Parent Assistance and Local Family Information Centers (V-D-16)no separate authorization
Combatting Domestic Violence (V-D-17)no separate authorization
Healthy, High-Performance Schools (V-D-18)no separate authorization
Capital Expenses for Private School Children (V-D-19)no separate authorization
Additional Assistance for LEAs Impacted by Federal Property Acquisition (V-D-20)no separate authorization
Women's Educational Equity (V-D-21)no separate authorization
Grants for State Assessments and Enhanced Assessments (VI-A-1)$490 million & such sums
Flexibility (Transferability and State and Local Flexibility) (VI-A-2, 3, 4)no authorization
Rural Education (Small Rural Schools and Rural and Low-Income School Programs) (VI-B)$300 million & such sums
National Assessment of Educational Progress VI-C (am. Sec. 411 of NESA)no authorization
Indian Education Grants to LEAs (VII-A-1)$96.4 million & such sums
Indian Education Special Programs & National Activities (VII-A-2&3)$24 million & such sums
Education of Native Hawaiians (VII-B)such sums
Alaska Native Education (VII-C)such sums
Impact Aid Construction (Section 8007)$150 million & such sums
Other Impact Aid Programssuch sums

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