Innovations In Education: Supporting Charter School Excellence Through Quality Authorizing
June 2007

Supporting Charter School Excellence Through Quality Authorizing describes various ways that authorizers and policymakers can achieve quality authorizing. It provides detailed information designed to help policymakers and potential authorizers replicate successful practices.

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Table of Contents

1.  Title Page
2.  Illustrations
3.  Foreword
4.  Acknowledgments
5.  Introduction
Process for Selecting Profiled Authorizers
The Authorizers Profiled in This Guide
Overview of This Guide
6.  Part 1: Common Practices Among High-quality Authorizing Offices
Authorizers Build a Strong Organization
Authorizers Develop a Strong Talent Pool
7.  Authorizers Select for Quality
Authorizers Support New School
Authorizers Provide Meaningful and Transparent Oversight
Authorizers Hold Schools Accountable for Meeting Performance Goals
Part I Conclusion: Common Practices
8.  Part II: Policy Considerations
Level and Type of External Accountability
Level of Operational Autonomy
Vulnerability to Political Change
Limits on Charter School Growth
Level and Type of Funding
Part II Conclusion: Policy Considerations
9.  PART III: Profiles of Authorizers Highlighted in Parts I and II
California Department of Education Charter Schools Division
Chicago Public Schools Office of New Schools
Ferris State University
Indianapolis Mayor's Office
Massachusetts Department of Education Charter School Office
New York City Office of Charter Schools
State University of New York Charter Schools Institute
Volunteers of America of Minnesota Charter School Sponsorship Program
10.  APPENDIX A Research Methodology
Study Framework and Data Collection
Site Selection Process
Selection Criteria
Analysis and Reporting
Using the Guide
11.  APPEXDIX B Resources
12.  NOTES

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