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A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Strategies for Making Adequate Yearly Progress, Using Curriculum Based-Measurement for Progress Monitoring

Student Achievement and School Accountability Conference
October 2002

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Computer Maze


Ray lived in Georgia. He was born there and had many friends. One day Dad had come home ---- work to say they would have ---- move far away. Dad worked in ---- factory. The factory had closed and Dad ---- a new job. Dad had found a ---- job and now they had to move.

Ray ---- sad because he did not want ---- leave his school. He did not ---- to leave his friends.

"I am ----, son," said Dad.

"It is OK," ---- Ray with a smile. He did ---- want Dad to feel bad.

They ---- up the car and moved to a ---- state. Their new