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Strategies for Making Adequate Yearly Progress, Using Curriculum Based-Measurement for Progress Monitoring

Student Achievement and School Accountability Conference
October 2002

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CBM passage for Correct Words Per Minute

Jason Fry ran home from school. He had to pack his clothes. He was going to the beach. He packed a swimsuit and shorts. He packed tennis shoes and his toys. The Fry family was going to the beach in Florida.

The next morning Jason woke up early. He helped Mom and Dad pack the car, and his sister, Lonnie, helped too. Mom and Dad sat in the front seat. They had maps of the beach. Jason sat in the middle seat with his dog, Ruffie. Lonnie sat in the back and played with her toys.

They had to drive for a long time. Jason looked out the window. He saw farms with animals. Many farms had cows and pigs but some farms had horses. He saw a boy riding a horse. Jason wanted to ride a horse, too. He saw rows of corn growing in the fields. Then Jason saw rows of trees. They were orange trees. He sniffed their yummy smell. Lonnie said she could not wait to taste one. Dad stopped at a fruit market by the side of the road. He bought them each an orange.