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No Child Left Behind, Accountability and AYP

Student Achievement and School Accountability Conference
October 2002

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  1. No Child Left Behind Accountability and AYP
  2. Accountability
  3. Accountability System
  4. Within a Content Area: School & District AYP Combines
  5. 95%
  6. Defining AYP
  7. Defining AYP 2
  8. Starting Point by Grade Span
  9. Adequate Yearly Progress Requires
  10. Disaggregation
  11. Graduation Rate
  12. Other Academic Indicators
  13. How a school or district makes AYP
  14. How a State makes AYP
  15. Under Title III, States must...
  16. Section 3122 Achievement Objectives
  17. If a state does not make AYP for 2 consecutive years
  18. School & LEA Improvement. Section 1116
  19. School Improvement
  20. Local Annual Review
  21. School Improvement Timeline
  22. School Improvement: Year 1
  23. The school plan must...
  24. The school plan must also...
  25. The school plan must also... (continued)
  26. School Improvement: Year 2
  27. Limited Exceptions for all improvement actions
  28. Corrective Action
  29. Possible corrective actions
  30. Restructuring
  31. Restructuring (continued)
  32. Exiting School Improvement
  33. Transition for Previously Identified Schools
  34. SEA Responsibilities
  35. SEA Responsibilities (continued)
  36. Annual State Report Card
  37. Annual State Report Card (continued)
  38. And there are rewards
  39. For more information...
  40. No Child Left Behind
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