Giving Parents Options: Strategies for Informing Parents and Implementing Public School Choice And Supplemental Educational Services Under No Child Left Behind
September 2007
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Facilitating Applications and Enrollment

Once parents have received information about public school choice and SES, and have chosen to pursue either of these options for their children, they still need to request a transfer by submitting a public school choice application, or services by submitting an SES enrollment form to the district. Below are some ideas for districts to consider in ensuring that these processes are efficient and easy for parents to navigate. Some of the ideas that follow apply only with respect to enrollment in SES, and are designated accordingly.

For additional information on facilitating applications and enrollment, see: Public School Choice Non-Regulatory Guidance, D; Creating Strong District School Choice Programs, pp. 7-16;; Supplemental Educational Services Non-Regulatory Guidance, E-I; and Creating Strong Supplemental Educational Services Programs, pp. 23-30. The links to these resources are provided in Additional Resources at the end of this handbook.

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Last Modified: 08/18/2008