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A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

Choice Provisions in No Child Left Behind

Student Achievement and School Accountability Conference
October 2002

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  1. Choice Provisions in No Child Left Behind
  2. Choice Provisions
  3. Unsafe Schools Choice Option
  4. Persistently Dangerous Schools
  5. Victims of Violent Crime
  6. Guidance Document
  7. Public School Choice
  8. Sample School Timeline
  9. Eligible students
  10. Schools that can receive students
  11. Schools that cannot receive students
  12. How many options?
  13. Notifying parents (Part 1)
  14. Notifying parents (Part 2)
  15. Length of time for choice
  16. Specialty schools as choice options
  17. What if no schools are available? (Part 1)
  18. What if no schools are available? (Part 2)
  19. Late assessment results and choice (applies only for 2002-2003)
  20. Desegregation orders and choice
  21. Responsibilities of the receiving school
  22. State laws prohibiting choice
  23. Choice-related transportation
  24. Funding for choice
  25. School choice reporting requirements
  26. Guidance Document
  27. Supplemental Educational Services
  28. Sample School Timeline
  29. Allowable services include
  30. Eligible students
  31. Establishing priorities
  32. Role of the States
  33. Four Criteria for Providers
  34. Provider Profile
  35. Responsibilities of the provider
  36. Responsibilities of the district
  37. Information for Parents
  38. Length of time for providing Supplemental Services
  39. Funding for Supplemental Services (Part 1)
  40. Funding for Supplemental Services (Part 2)
  41. Distance learning technology
  42. Guidance document
  43. Online resources
  44. Online resources (continued)
  45. Online resources (continued 2)
  46. Online resources (continued 3)
  47. Online resources (continued 4)

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