Annual Performance Report (APR) FY 2010

U.S. Department of Education FY 2010 Annual Performance Report download files PDF (2.02M)

Message from the Secretary download files PDF (217K)

Overview download files PDF (305K)

Performance Summary download files PDF (359K)

Performance Details download files PDF (604K)

  • Goal 1: Improve Student Achievement, With a Focus on Bringing All Students to Grade Level in Reading and Mathematics by 2014 download files PDF (328K)
  • Goal 2: Increase the Academic Achievement of All High School Students download files PDF (238K)
  • Goal 3: Ensure the Accessibility, Affordability, and Accountability of Higher Education and Better Prepare Students and Adults for Employment and Future Learning download files PDF (393K)
  • Cross-Goal Strategy on Management download files PDF (71K)

Appendix A1: Summary of Inspector General Audits and Government Accountability Office Reports download files PDF (186K)

Appendix A2: Summary of Performance Evaluations download files PDF (198K)

Appendix B: Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations download files PDF (22K)

Appendix C: Selected Department Web Links download files PDF (131K)

Performance Tools

The FY 2012 Justifications of Appropriations Estimates to the Congress. http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/budget12/justifications/index.html.

The FY 2012 Budget Overview

FY 2010 Program Performance Report (Not Audited)

FY 2010 Program Performance Plan (Not Audited)

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Last Modified: 04/12/2011