President's FY 2004 Budget Request for the U.S. Department of Education
Archived Information

  • President Bush Requests $53.1 billion for the Department of Education for FY 2004.

  • The FY 2004 Education Budget Summary and Background Information provides program information and detailed budget tables. Note: The tables included in the Budget Summary were prepared when the FY 2004 President's Budget was transmitted to Congress on February 3, 2003, prior to enactment of the FY 2003 appropriation. These have been superceded by tables in PDF and EXCEL showing enacted FY 2003 appropriations. The FY 2004 President's Budget remains the same as requested on February 3.

  • What does the President's Education budget request mean for your State? See State tables showing how funds will be distributed under State formula-allocated and selected student aid programs.(These State tables also have been revised to reflect enacted FY 2003 appropriations.)

  • Secretary Paige spoke at the FY 2004 Budget Rollout Press Conference.

President's FY 2004 Budget for the U.S. Government

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Last Modified: 12/19/2014