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OSERS: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
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RSA, Program Support Staff (PSS)
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The Program Support Staff (PSS), housed within the office of the commissioner, is responsible for providing support for cross divisional program analysis including data collection and analysis, planning for initiatives, developing coordinated program and salaries and expenses (S&E) budgeting to support cross divisional efforts, providing tracking and coordination/review for compliance with fiscal and program plans, and assisting with RSA priority development and grants management processes. PSS provides coordination within RSA and, working through OSERS' Office of the Assistant Secretary, with the department and other organizations.

In carrying out their responsibilities, PSS staff members:

  • Coordinate the development of and execute the RSA program and S&E budgets, including the commitment of funds and preparation of formula grant awards.
  • Provide technical and programming assistance to support RSA's comprehensive management information system (MIS) at https://rsa.ed.gov, as well as processing and analyzing data for all RSA statistical reporting systems.
  • Support RSA-wide program planning, analysis and evaluation, including the development of the Annual Report to Congress.
  • Provide and coordinate RSA-wide administrative management activities. 



To learn more about RSA—or use tools and download data—visit our Web portal at https://rsa.ed.gov or click on one of the links below.

Last Modified: 04/05/2018