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OLCA: Office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs
   Current Section  Grants

For all competitive discretionary grants, OLCA notifies Congressional offices of successful applicants from their district before the Department notifies the grantees. OLCA may advise if a grant competition is open or closed and, if it is closed, which applicants in your state were successful. Also, we can generate a report of all discretionary grants awarded to entities in your Congressional district during the current or previous fiscal year(s).

Notification Process

Congressional offices identify which staff members should receive the notification email, which is sent from; OLCAGrantAnnouncements@ed.gov. The legislative assistant for education will receive the email if no one is designated. The notification email includes the program information and a list of all successful grantees within the State. If your office would like to change or add staff members to receive this email, please contact Taylor Stanley at 202-401-0020.

Links for Resources

Here are some helpful links to use when searching for grant opportunities.

  • Here is the Department’s grant homepage, which includes a list of open grant competitions, the official Guide to the U.S. Department of Education Grant Programs, and the grants forecast.
  • This link gives direct access to search for particular grant opportunities at the Department by program office, CFDA number, eligibility requirements and subject.

Last Modified: 05/30/2017