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Marilyn Hall, Director3E105202-260-3858
Office of the Director
William Hoffman3C130453-5726
Deborah Jones3C153260-2056
James Le3C129260-4745
Brett Talbot3C135260-0995


Group 1
Jason Taliaferro, Group Leader3C133453-6743
Cara Butterworth3C137 453-5539
Jacqueline Edwards3E109 260-1546
Chad Eggleston3C113260-2336
Torey Evans3C145260-0405
Katrina Farmer3C107260-1987
Eric Hill3C115 401-0428
David Lewis3C127453-6867
Lissa Montgomery-Jackson 3C109 401-1060
Melissa Torchon3C119260-0732


Group 2
Kristen Walls, Group Leader3E105260-1357
Nanette Dunham 3C142 260-2206
Robin Gregory3C123260-2151
Charles Henderson3C111453-5603
Amanda Ognibene3C127453-6637
Ulyssa Rempson3C143260-2161
Lloyd Matthews 3C117 260-1608
Kisha Spruill3C125260-2292
Michael Thomas3C148205-0316



General Information
ED Information 202-708-5366
IAP toll free e-Fax866-799-1272
IAP email address: ImpactAid@ed.gov
IAP web page address: www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/oese/impactaid/

Last Modified: 02/01/2018