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Title VI: LEP Parental Communication and Equal Access to
Non-Academic Programs/Activities for EL Students: Dearborn Public Schools (MI): (15-10-5001):

On May 30, 2012, OCR resolved a Title VI compliance review of Dearborn Public Schools.  Based on its investigation, OCR concluded that the District discriminated against national-origin minority, limited English (LEP) parents and English language learner (EL) students on the basis of national origin in violation of Title VI.  OCR found that the District did not provide LEP parents with meaningful access to important information about their children’s education in a language they can understand.  The District did not adequately notify LEP parents of important school-related information that is made available to non-LEP parents.  OCR also found that the District denied EL students, on the basis of their national origin, access to nonacademic and extracurricular programs, services and activities, such as guidance and counseling services. Under the Resolution Agreement, the District will develop and implement a comprehensive, written plan to provide language assistance services to LEP parents that ensure that they have meaningful access to the District’s programs and activities; the plan will include providing interpreting and translation services for LEP parents for non-English languages (this could include the use of various services, such as onsite translators/interpreters, telephonic translators/interpreters, and effective translation programs); develop and implement a process for notifying EL students of the availability of nonacademic and extracurricular programs, services, and activities, such as guidance and counseling services; revise its home language survey to ensure that it accurately identifies LEP parents in the District needing language assistance; and develop and implement procedures to ensure that EL students receive special education and related services as appropriate.

Read the Press Release. Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (211K)Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (231K).


Last Modified: 09/25/2018