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Directed Investigation
Title VI: Race-Based Harassment:
University of California at San Diego (CA) (#09116901)

OCR conducted a directed investigation of a number of widely-publicized incidents of racial discrimination and harassment at the University and the University's response to those incidents. The investigation included a review of the University's policies and procedures for responding to student complaints of racial discrimination and racially-biased incidents. OCR conducted the investigation with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Prior to the completion of OCR's investigation, the University voluntarily asked OCR and the DOJ to resolve this directed investigation. The Agreement, signed on April 9, 2012, requires the University to fully and appropriately resolve complaints of discrimination and harassment; to remedy the effects of discrimination and harassment and eliminate any hostile environment that may have resulted; and to revise its policies and procedures concerning discrimination and harassment to ensure that they are designed to prevent harassment from occurring. The University is required to provide bi-annual reports to OCR until 2015, detailing records of all discrimination complaints received, the investigation of those complaints, and a description of how the complaints were resolved. In addition, the University must maintain records related to allegations of race discrimination and racial harassment for a period of no less than five years from the date of their creation. The University is required to develop a comprehensive plan for conducting annual training for faculty, staff, administrators and students on the policies and procedures concerning discrimination and harassment. Further, the Agreement recognizes the creation of the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination and sets forth expectations for the investigation, documentation, and resolution of complaints of discrimination. Additionally, the Agreement incorporates a number of commitments that the University made to the campus community in response to the incidents in the spring of 2010. Those commitments – developed collaboratively with many of the University's students and concerned faculty – are designed to improve the campus climate and create a more welcoming environment for all students. Read the Press Release download files PDF (150K) | Read the Resolution Letter | Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (149K) | Read the Resolution Agreement Attachment A download files PDF (103K)

Last Modified: 09/25/2018