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Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
Los Angeles Unified School District Compliance Review

The Los Angeles Unified School District (District), entered into an agreement to resolve a Title VI compliance review that OCR initiated that focused on the educational opportunities of the District’s English Learners and comparability of resources for African-American students.  Under the agreement, entered into prior to the conclusion of OCR’s investigation, the District will revamp its entire program for English Learners and accelerate its efforts focused on closing the achievement and opportunity gap for African-American students.  The district will also increase the focus on college- and career-ready curricula and programs and ensure access to needed supports, including effective teachers, to accelerate student progress. The agreement requires the District to create a new English Learner Master Plan with guidance for its EL program, dedicate the resources needed to implement the plan, and evaluate the program’s success in teaching students English and enabling them to perform academically at grade level.  EL students in middle and high school who have been in the District’s program for many years without becoming English proficient, will receive immediate intervention services.  The District will ensure that staff is held accountable for delivering the EL program, and an enhanced professional development plan will support teachers in strengthening their delivery of instruction to EL students.  Parents of EL students will receive information that enables them to understand the District’s EL program and their children’s progress in learning English.  In addition, the District will adopt measures to ensure equitable access to resources such as technology and library materials, and will take steps to increase the participation of African American students eligible for gifted and talented programs.  The District will also address the academic language proficiency and needs of African American students.  The District will eliminate the inequitable discipline of African American students.  The agreement requires the District to implement steps to achieve significantly higher student and teacher attendance.  In addition, the agreement includes a first-of-its-kind pilot project for a community school in a predominantly African American neighborhood that will provide wrap-around health and social services. For both the EL and African American student populations, the agreement requires the District to provide parents and students with information and support so that students can succeed in post-secondary education and/or careers.  Professional development will be provided for all middle and high school counselors and administrators to strengthen these efforts.    Read the Press Release : Español | Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (203K) | Read the Resolution Agreement (ELC)
download files PDF (143K) | Read the Resolution Agreement (RCC) download files PDF (117K)

Last Modified: 09/25/2018