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Title VI: Equal Educational Opportunities for English Language Learner Students & LEP Parental Communication: Jersey City Public School District (02-13-5002)

On January 30, 2015, OCR and the Jersey City Public School District (District) reached an Agreement to ensure that English Language Learner (ELL) students are not discriminated against on the basis of national origin by being denied equal educational opportunities in the District’s programs and services. The Agreement also ensures that Limited English Proficient (LEP) parents are provided with meaningful access to information the District provides to parents.  The District agreed to: develop and implement policies and procedures that appropriately identify and assess students who may need ELL services; ensure that ELL students get sufficient and appropriate ELL services; ensure that ELL students have an equal opportunity to participate in the District’s gifted and talented, Advanced Placement (AP) and other higher learning programs, as well as in the District’s special education program; ensure that students are not exited prematurely from the ELL program; provide notice of the placement options for ELL students and the benefits derived from participation in the ELL program to students’ parents/guardians in a language LEP parents can understand; and ensure that its ELL programs have sufficient qualified staffing and other resources, including instructional materials.  Additionally the Agreement requires the District to revise and implement its policies and procedures to ensure that LEP parents are notified, in a language understood by the parents, of school activities and other information and matters that are called to the attention of other parents.

Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (417K) | Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (206K)


Last Modified: 09/25/2018