Office for Civil Rights Annual Report to Congress FY 2003

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Compliance Reviews and Other Proactive Initiatives

In addition to resolving complaints, OCR initiates compliance reviews and takes other proactive steps to focus on specific compliance problems that are particularly acute or national in scope. In general, targeted compliance reviews and proactive initiatives maximize the impact of OCR's resources and complement the complaint resolution process. Experience indicates that these strategic activities benefit large numbers of students through policy or program changes by recipients that are designed to ensure compliance with the civil rights laws.

OCR initiated 74 compliance reviews in FY 2003 and brought 14 reviews to successful resolution, some of which had been started in previous years. Compliance review sites are selected based on various sources of information, including survey data and information provided by parents, education groups, media, community organizations and the public. In FY 2003, OCR conducted compliance reviews on the following issues:

  • ensuring that minority and English language learner students are not inappropriately placed in special education programs; and
  • ensuring that state agencies have designated Title IX coordinators, developed and disseminated antidiscrimination procedures, and implemented grievance procedures.

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