Office for Civil Rights Annual Report to Congress FY 2003

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Encouraging Accountability

Case Management System

In order to become a high performance, customer-focused organization, during FY 2003 OCR began implementation of its new Case Management System (CMS). The CMS is an automated tool for tracking OCR's complaint and compliance review investigations and such proactive activities as significant technical assistance. The CMS is a primary data source for measuring progress in achieving objectives under OCR's Annual Program Plan. It reduces reliance on paper complaint files for documenting OCR's law enforcement case resolution activities and provides users the ability to perform a variety of functions involving particular cases, such as indexing of party and witness interviews and evidentiary documents.


Pursuant to the President's Management Agenda initiatives concerning competitive sourcing, human capital, and restructuring and the Department's One-ED process, which is designed to implement these initiatives, OCR formed a One-ED Team to analyze its primary business process—the case resolution process. The Departmental process provides an integrated, five-year human capital, strategic sourcing, and restructuring plan that builds on the Department's Culture of Accountability Report and echoes the Strategic Plan themes by focusing on "No Employee Left Behind" and providing employee learning and achievement opportunities.

OCR produced a business case analysis of its process and conducted a presentation for the Department's Executive Management Team (EMT) that considered the relative benefits of maintaining the status quo, reengineering the case resolution process, and subjecting the process to competitive sourcing. OCR recommended reengineering. The EMT issued a decision adopting OCR's recommendation. The business process reengineering strategies, when implemented, will result in a case resolution process that provides consistent high performance, quality customer service, and enhanced efficiency.

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